Shilton SLL Series


This SLL reel has a spool that runs on stainless steel ball bearings for perfect balance. It is low in weight with an anodised finish to resist corrosion. Its simple design makes it easy to clean after use in saltwater.

NOTE, The Cage has SL printed on them because the SL and SLL use the same cage!

We only stock the SLL, which is the extra large arbor version.  Saltwater safe!



Our great friend Keith Rose-Innes is the head guide at Alphonse Island Fishing, and he tipped us off about these awesome Saltwater reels – they stop fish!Shilton reels are custom engineered in South Africa to an unsurpassed level of quality, and Keith rates them so highly that he uses them himself for the world class Giant Trevally fishing they have in the Seychelles.The flies – GT Mullet and NYAP – are designed by members of the Alphonse Island guide team, making them an essential whilst fishing for Giant Trevally.
We are able to load suitable amounts and style of backing for an extra cost.


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SLL 6 Reel, SLL 7 Reel, SLL 7 Spool, SLL 8 Reel, SLL 8 Spool


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