Bonefish Fly Patterns by Dick Brown


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Revised and updated version of Bonefish Fly Patterns by Dick Brown. Covering tying, selecting and fishing all the best bonefish flies from today’s best tiers.

This new and revised edition of bonefish fly patterns is the most comprehensive collection of bonefish flies ever published, describing 197 of the best bonefish patterns being tied and fished in the world today – with a full colour photograph for each and with nearly one of every four patterns new to this edition.

The patterns in these pages are from such world class flats anglers and guides as Winston Moore, Jim Orthwein (four time bonefish record holder), Steve Huff, Harry Spear, Rick Ruoff, Del Brown, Barry and Cathy Beck, Lou Tabory, Tim Borski, Bob Clouser, Lefty Khreh, Tom McGuane, Yvon Chouinard, Craig Mathews, Vic Gaspeny, Dave Skok, Eric Peterson, Patrick Dorsy and Aaron Adams.

Each fly profile is listed with its creator’s authentic recipe and tying tips. Also included are tying sequences for important patterns, a discussion on design trends, a materials glossary, a list of sources for materials, custom flies and off the shelf patterns. Above all, through this book is a practical guide – not only on how to tie flies but also on how to fish them. Author and expert angler Dick Brown describes fly selection for various destinations, habitiats and conditions and advises anglers on how to present flies and what prey thye imitate.


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