Lamson Velocity 3.5 SPOOL

£115.00 £99.00

Type 2 “nickel” Hard Alox™ 



Velocity reels utilize a unique “3 plane” pocket milling technique to shave weight and maintain every aspect of performance without sacrificing their reputation as the most rugged of the Lamson lineup. If you want a large arbor reel with friendly ergonomics, a maintenance-free, ultra-smooth drag system that can bang around a drift boat season after season and shrug off the abuse, Velocity is your choice.

CLUTCH The Waterworks-Lamson brands employ a fully STAINLESS STEEL zero-lash roller clutch. This mechanism relies on the locking effect of a number of ramps and rollers to achieve torque transmission. There are no “teeth” or “steps” to break off or wear out. The zero-lash feature means instant engagement, improving feel and eliminating “spike” that the reel, line and leader experience when a typical pawl clutch hooks up. type 2 “nickel” Hard Alox™ format Large Arbor materials Machined aluminum, stainless steel finish Hard Alox™ or type 2 “nickel” weight 4.20 oz / 5-6 wt Made in USA

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SOOL – Velocity – 3.5 – Hard Alox II – £115 – 3 – in – stock


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