Building Classic Salmon Flies



By Ron Alcott

For entry level, intemediate and advanced featherwing salmon fly tyers

“Master fly dresser Ron Alcott has given us a comprehensive look into the intricacies of the beautiful old nineteenth century classic Atlantic salmon flies. This book is full of important information concerning procedures for building these works of art and on the feathers, silks and tinsels used in their construction. A magnificant contributuin to classic Atlantic salmon fly literature” – Keith Fulsher (Author, tying and fishing the thunder creek series).

“Ron Alcott is unquestionably one of the best classic fly tyers in the world. His knowledge, teaching skills and experience have led to the development of several techniques that cut through the mysteries of building classic salmon flies. He has a keen eye for proportions and an exceptional talent for making feathers behave. This book is full of easy to follow tips and techniques for both the new and experienced classic fly tyers. A must for tyers interested in classic fly building – Dave Fram (Founding president, Prince Edward island salmon association.)


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