All The Best: Celebrating Lefty Kreh



By Flip Pallot with contributions from the fly fishing community

Lefty Kreh, the undisputed father of modern american fly fishing, has taught several generations of anglers how to love the sport. Readers who enjoy a good fly fishing story will be delighted to find that his life has been an adventure from the start, even without the usual fish tales. He has fought in historic battles, traveled the globe, and dined with presidents. A renowned outdoor writer of photographer, he is also a beloved husband and father

In All the Best, another fly fishing luminary, Flip Pallot, writes with admiration about the amazing Lefty Kreh. Pallot chromicales Leftys life from the early days in Frederick, Maryland, when his family struggled through the Great Depression, to his years in Miami as the director of the worlds most prestigious big game fishing tournament, followed by his long career as an outdoor writer for the Baltimore Sun and a contributing editor for countless fly fishing magazines



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