A Guide to Salmon Flies



By john buckland and Arthur Oglesby

With almost 400 salmon flies from the major countries where salmon are found A Guide to Salmon Flies is a most comprehensive source book. The dressing for each fly is given in detail with information on its use, its history or its design, with an accompanying colour photograph.

The book is divided into thirteen sections, each with a full introduction, starting with historic and classic flies, local traditional styles and development of modern patterns and dressings. There are extensive sections on the flies used in North America (including hairwings), Scandinavia, Iceland, Spain, France and Great Britain. Decriptions are given of tubes and Waddingtons, dabbling, wake flies, droppers and loch flies, dry flies, nymphs and grubs, shrimps and prawns. The extra attraction offered by prismatics, florescence and sparkle is also discussed, and the individual syles of well known fly tyers such as Esmond Drury, Lee Wulff and Crawford Little Are Detailed, Aswell as inventions from successful amateur fishermen.

All in all, A Guide to Salmon Flies will prove an indispensable source of reference for all salmon fishermen and fly tyers


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