Ballistic Blazer Shooting Line


Blazer Running line has a large loop at the front for easy head change and are supple, durable and float making casting off lithe and graceful.



The Blazer running line is supple, durable and floats high – which reduces resistance when lifting the water.  This makes casting painless and graceful whilst aiding in shootability.  The running lines are 30 yards long and come in two tone yellow with a .038″ holding section, which equates to 14′ together with a lighter coloured .032″ running line with a 20lb continuous braided nylon core.  Alternatively, there is also the two tone orange with a .044″ holding section, equating to 16′, and lighter coloured .038″ running line with continuous 30lb braided nylon core.  The Blazer is fitted with a large front welded loop for easy head changes and comes with a smaller rear welded loop which joins directly onto your backing.

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0.38" yellow


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