A Passion for Steelhead



By Dec Hogan.

No othe game fish stirs the passion of dedicated steelhead fly fishers as does this big sea run rainbow – whether rising to intercept a dry fly skated across a September tailout on a high desert canyon river in Oregon, or taking a deeply swinging wet fly on a swollen springtime river in British Columbia. From his longtime home water on Washington State’s famous Skagit River, highly regarded steelhead guide and expert fly caster Dec Hogan has done and seen it all. Now he brings together a lifetime of remarkably diverse steelheading experience to write this book which, if not the last word on the subject, is destined to be an instant angling classic.

A Passion for Steelhead covers all the basic techniques proven on thousands upon thousands of steelhead successfully hooked, selecting the best fly for various river conditions, choosing the tackle that’s right for you, effectively covering different water types, learning to spey cast, practical strategies for fishing productive rivers by the season – and a fascinating and highly original look at how steelhead take (or refuse) a fly, based on the author’s personal observations of more than 1,000 summer-run steelhead movements during nine intense seasons.

The book is lavishly illustrated with photographs from the author’s own collection, with a little help from his friends, and with many beautiful pencil sketches of casting, presentation, and where steelhead lie in the river.


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