Snowbee Tungsten Carbide Screw-in Wader Studs



Stainless steel screw with super hard tungsten carbide wader studs.

Screw-in Tungsten Carbide Wader Studs are suitable for use with most types of Waders, Boots or Wading Boots. For easy application, the studs can be inserted with the hexagonal Wader Stud Tool included in this pack. For bets results, insert studs around the edges of the heel & sole area. It is not recommended that you insert studs into the main weight-bearing mis-sole area, as this may result in the studs puncturing the inner sole. For best results, screw the studs into soles, then remove them, fill the hole with stormsure glue  & re insert studs.

(Warning – always check the depth of the sole, in relation to the stud length, before you begin. If there is any doubt, or the sole is too thin for the length of stud, DO NOT insert studs.)

Each pack comes with 20 screws inside.


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