Rio Scandi Short Versitip

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Scandi Short Versitip Salmon Fly Line

The Scandi Short VersiTip combines the grace of a Scandinavian Head with the power of a Skagit. Excelling with Switch rods and short double-handed rods (up to around 13’ maximum) Scandi Short VersipTip delivers easy casting, even when space is very tight. Supremely versatile thanks to the four interchangeable 10’ tips, supplied in mesh wallet. In order to match for use with a single handed rod, simply choose 3 sizes smaller than your rod’s AFTM rating, i.e. For a 10’ 8 weight single handed rod, choose SSV5. Perfect length for rods 13’ and less. Included balanced set of four tips. Matching Running Line required. Technology – Extreme Slickness,  Features: Density Compensation (s3 & s6 Tips only), Easy ID Loops, Front Loop, Back Loop.

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SSV5Scandi Short VersiTip#533.0ft.320 grains21 gramsStraw + TIP£109.99
SSV6Scandi Short VersiTip#633.0ft.370 grains24 gramsStraw + TIP£109.99
SSV7Scandi Short VersiTip#733.0ft.425 grains28 gramsStraw + TIP£109.99
SSV8Scandi Short VersiTip#833.0ft.485 grains31 gramsStraw + TIP£109.99
SSV9Scandi Short VersiTip#933.0ft.540 grains35 gramsStraw + TIP£109.99


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