C.F Burkheimer Rods

It was almost a genetic inevitability that Kerry Burkheimer would end up in the rod-making business. After catching his first fish at the ripe age of two, a passion for fishing was born which has since become his livelihood. Always a keen angler, Burkheimer spent years gaining experience in the rod design and manufacturing business. He spent time at Loomis Composites, and nearly a decade under the watchful eye of the late legendary rod-maker Russ Peak – the man Burkheimer considers to have been his mentor. While Peak’s name may not be well-known among modern anglers, his influence on rod design was wide-reaching in his time. Kerry eventually purchased Peak’s business and inventory, and those assets morphed what we know to be the C.F. Burkheimer Fly Rod Company of today.

With more than 25 years in the rod-building world, C.F. Burkheimer have created an incredibly special process. Rods are of unrivalled quality and are build on what they call a “one at a time, one of a kind” basis. The manufacturing set-up means that C.F Burkheimer design new tapers as they feel the need, and the tightly-knit facility also allows for designs to be tweaked easily whenever a creative, innovative idea surfaces.

At C.F Burkheimer, quality is at the forefront of the company’s values. No matter which rod or build grade, it is given the same acute attention to detail, and top-quality materials are used to produce these exceptional fly fishing rods.
Burkheimer creates rods from scratch, and that gives them the internal agility to handle a wide range of custom requests. If you want a truly specific rod for a truly specific task, Burkheimer can produce a custom rod of the highest quality. If you feel that a custom C.F. Burkheimer is in your future, please be aware that the custom process requires a greater investment of both time and resources.

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